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German Immersion at the Preschool

Learning language in a playful way through the „Hocus & Lotus“ learning program

„Hocus & Lotus“ is the title of the program that has been established for the purpose of learning foreign languages at very early ages. We have been using this program since the beginning of this school year to help children learn the German language.

The stories of „Hocus & Lotus“are all about relationships between one another and about the desire to communicate. Using rhythmic-musical movement, breathing, motor skills of speech and coordination of movements are activated; a combination that is also helpful in learning the first language.

The “magical teacher” accompanies stories about the two fictional characters “Hocus & Lotus” with so-called “narrative gestures”. The children copy the speech melody and speech construction of the German language in a playful manner.

Gesture, Dance, Singing, and Pantomime speed up the learning of language. The program animates children to listen, understand, and, most of all, speak. The fantasy-world of children is addressed, with a focus on the joy of communicating in the German language.

This intense language learning program is embedded into the preschool’s daily language-focused program. It is practiced by the staff in all the groups, as well as by our special support teacher for the German language who meets with small groups of up to 8 children twice to three times a week for about 30 minutes.

With “Hocus & Lotus” the preschool has begun a language learning program that is not limited to language learning in the preschool, but that can also be practiced and further developed with the family at home using additional media such as video cartoons, sing-along CD and little picture books.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the principal of the preschool Ms. Khojasteh at or 301.767.3838.


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