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German and English Language Enrichment at the Preschool

Our German and English enrichment is embedded into daily life at the Preschool and runs as a common thread through the Elementary School and all the way up and onto the weekly schedules of ninth grade. The preschoolers who are beginning to learn their second language attend age-appropriate language enrichment sessions twice a week to gain German or English language skills as well as to learn about culture, values, and traditions of Germany and the US.

The two programs for playfully acquiring language skills in a foreign language, „Finki, ich & wir“ and “Hocus & Lotus“, are designed for early childhood. Both programs speak a preschooler’s imagination. The child is at the center with his or her interests, experiences and individually often different developmental stages and abilities.  Individual instructional modules can be combined in diverse ways as they are integrated into daily life at the Preschool. The modules are complemented by media such as video cartoons (DVD) and sing along CDs with picture books. The materials are suitable for large and small groups as well as for individual sessions and they facilitate targeted enrichment in order to support children with a variety of competencies and different levels of previous knowledge.

These programs are implemented by the teachers in our groups for three- to four-year-olds as well as by the special enrichment teachers who work with children in small groups twice a week. Our two-year-olds do not have separate targeted language enrichment sessions, but the children soak up the German language by being immersed in a German-speaking environment.

The emphasis of our enrichment programs are on:

  • Talking and telling each other stories
  • Creating connections and sequences of events through language, i.e. sorting by sounds/by affiliation, finding umbrella terms, sequencing parts of a story, identifying similar items
  • Learning to listen
  • Gaining basic vocabulary / expanding and strengthening existing vocabulary
  • Learning and using simple sentence structures
  • Practicing visual and aural senses
  • Recognizing colors and shapes
  • Recognizing quantities and numbers
  • Develop fine motor skills




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