The Washington metropolitan area offers many opportunities to establish and maintain sustainable partnerships with organizations working in the STEM field. Through these opportunities our students gain guidance and support in their own projects and can get involved in the work of organizations outside of school.


- Collaboration with the German Executive Round Table to promote entrepreneurial thinking

- Awarding of prizes to the best business plans for a fictitious company among teams of the  

  10th grade

- Support and guidance for teams by mentors from the business world

   KBI (Kids Boost Immunity)

- Canadian organization supporting UNICEF

- Students in grades 4-12 independently learn lessons developed by teachers and health  

   professionals on science, social studies and health care and then solve quizzes.

- For every correct answer, KBI donates a vital vaccine to UNICEF Canada.

- Directly linking learning success to global context.

 Level Up Village

- Age-appropriate courses on STEM topics for kindergarteners to 9th grade students

- Support for in-school and out-of-school projects through connecting with student teams in

   other countries

- Student teams communicate via video letters with global partners and work together to solve


- Promoting interdisciplinary learning

- Overcoming national, social and economic barriers

- Training in communication skills related to STEM projects

USA Science & Engineering Festival

- largest national science gathering with thousands of exhibitors and visitors in Washington D.C.

- Students present their projects and the STEM-program of GISW

- Active participation in numerous events such as Nifty Fifty Speaker, X-STEM Symposium,  

  Sneak Peak Friday for all ages to promote interest and motivation to explore scientific


- Meetings with representatives from industry and academia for networking and career


- Marketing the school

   Audubon Society

- U.S. nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of

  native bird species and habitat

- Students from SES through grade 5 receive direct instruction and support in planting an insect     garden, learn about native animals and plants, and actively participate in conservation efforts