Plan A

MONDAY NOV 28, 2022:

There is a Power Outage today, therefore our school is running on Plan A today.

  • All classes are cancelled.
  • All evening events are cancelled.
  • The lunch menu of the cafeteria may change for the remainder of this week. You will see the current menu on our website once school reopens.

Nachdem es einen Stromausfall gibt, gilt heute an unserer Schule Plan A.

  • Der Unterricht fällt vollständig aus.
  • Es finden keine Abendveranstaltungen statt.
  • Bei unvorhergesehenem Unterrichtsausfall ändert sich meistens der Speiseplan der Cafeteria für den Rest der Woche. Den aktuellen Speiseplan finden Sie auf unserer Website, wenn die Schule wieder geöffnet ist.


German School Society

Welcome to the pages of the German School Society of the German International School Washington D.C.!

The German School Society consists for the most part of parents at the GISW, and does important work for the School. In the password-protected members area of this website, you will find information about the Board of Directors and by-laws; you can also contact the School Society.

The purpose of the Society is the establishment and maintenance of an Elementary and Secondary school, as well as a Preschool and a Language School. Membership is open to all persons who have reached the age of 18, who agree with the purpose of the Society and who pay an annual membership fee. Membership of a parent or custodian is a prerequisite for a student’s acceptance into the School or Preschool.

Membership Meetings

An important element of the School Society is the regular meeting of all of its members. During two duly convened Membership Meetings (in the fall and in the spring of each school year) the Board submits its proposals to the Members for consideration and decision making, i.e., elections. During the spring Membership Meeting vacant Board positions are filled via elections. These are important opportunities to contribute to and take part in as well as to shape the School Society’s future. Additional Membership Meetings may be convened by the Board of Directors or per proposal by one fifth of the Society’s Members. The Meeting constitutes a quorum when at least one eighth of the members are present. A family unit has one vote.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the German School Society consists of nine members with terms lasting three years. These representatives are elected during spring Membership Meetings and manage all affairs of the Society that do not require a decision of the Membership itself. Members of the Board meet regularly. They are joined by the Head of School, the Director of Administration,, a representative of the German Embassy, as well as by the Chairperson of the Parents’ Association and of the Employees’ Association.