GISW Phones Down

Unfortunately, we are experiencing issues with our phone system. Our telephone provider is already working on a solution. In case you need to contact us today, please use email, our internet works. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Leider haben wir Probleme mit unserem Telefonsystem. Unser Telefonanbieter arbeitet bereits an einer Lösung. Falls Sie uns heute kontaktieren möchten, benutzen Sie bitte E-Mail, unser Internet funktioniert. Wir entschuldigen uns für etwaige Unannehmlichkeiten.


Already in GISW’s preschool the MINT topics (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology) are integrated in daily lessons.

Using their five senses, children discover the world in which they live through play. Important topics can be taught with the help of little experiments and contribute to early childhood development.

Learning through playful experimentation has a lasting effect and appeals to the natural curiosity and inquisitiveness of children.

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