Bilingualism and multicultural education broaden intellectual, cultural and social horizons

Offering your child a bilingual education is not only an investment in your child’s academic and professional future but also, and perhaps more importantly, it’s an investment in his or her personality development. Non-German-speaking parents can rest assured regarding their ability to support their child’s education at GISW, because our school offers language support programs and we also offer German Language Courses for parents. School communication for parents is always provided in both German and English.

The brain is like a sponge

Multiple studies have shown that developing language skills early on has lifelong benefits. Bilingual speakers have a greater aptitude for concentration, resolving conflicts, and empathizing with others. Overall, the bilingual brain is much more flexible, even into old age. Experts agree the best time to begin learning languages is at an early age. The younger a person is when learning a new language, the easier they learn and the better they will master it, as this TED talk by Mia Nacamulli demonstrates.


German language skills are not always necessary for admission

Parents are often surprised to learn that a high percentage of students at German International Schools outside of Germany do not actually speak German at home. So, why would a family who has no connection to Germany, through language, location, or ancestry, introduce their child to the German language and choose the German approach to education? Because they want to open a world of opportunities for their children!

Important advantages:

  • At GISW, we emphasize independence and the development of critical thinking skills
  • We offer an environment where each child can learn and grow at their own pace
  • There is a shift away from rote memorization and multiple-choice assessments
  • Multilingual children gain distinct advantages for their future

Preschool students are accepted regardless of their mother tongue. School-aged students may also gain admission with no or little German language proficiency depending on a personal German language skill assessment that is arranged through the Admissions Office

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