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Cafeteria in the School Year 2021/22

Covid-19 continues to affect the way our cafeteria must operate and the types of meals we can offer to our students. GISW leadership strives to get back to our warm meal offering as soon as possible; however, the same Covid precautions that are in place to achieve our top priority, a safe and open school for our students, also mean that we must continue to maintain our brown bag lunch offer for now.

Our Director of Food Services Susanne Köhler continues to provide healthy, diverse, and well-balanced, bagged lunches to our students. These lunches also include warm choices such as burritos, gyros and meat balls.


Elementary students (grades SEL through 4) will eat outside in their cohorts during recess and will also be in designated areas of the school grounds in their cohort with masks after eating. In the event of inclement weather, meals will be eaten in the classroom.

The same rule applies to grades 5 and 6.

Students in grades 7 through 12 will eat in their cohorts in specially designated areas of the school grounds during recess. After the meal, especially the vaccinated students are allowed to move freely on the school grounds. There is no mask requirement outdoors for this age group.

The school provides supervision during recess and expects everyone to behave responsibly.

For our preschoolers, hot meals are prepared daily in the cafeteria for all those who have signed up. The children eat as a group, depending on the weather, in their room or outside.


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