Our Bookstore

The bookstore sells schoolbooks, supplies, and school merchandise to the school community, either in school at the bookstore or online from its bookstore website. We also buy back use schoolbooks, dependent on condition, and offer them for resale at a reduced price.

During the month of May, the book and supply lists for the upcoming academic year will be published on the GISW website. Families can then order the respective books and supplies online, directly through the GISW- bookstore website. For your convenience, we have established separate web pages for each grade corresponding to the book and supply lists. All online orders are for pickup at the bookstore, only!

We always order extra copies for new students who arrive at GISW after the book order deadline and/or during the school year. However, parents of new students should contact us as early as possible to make sure books are available on time.

School supplies from Germany are also available in our bookstore, as well as a large selection of merchandise with the school logo or visit our online store.

Hours of Operation: Usually, the bookstore is open for students Monday to Thursday between the hours of 8:30am and 12:30pm. Due to limited space of the bookstore, we kindly ask you to schedule an appointment through this link: https://calendly.com/giswbookstore.

Contact: Ms. Jana Sedlmayer
Email: bookstore@giswashington.org
Phone: 301.767.3822

Please note that all further information will be published in the Wednesday Mail.


  • Please send the completed book and supply list to the bookstore for processing your order.
  • We are unable to accommodate tax exemption in our online store. We cannot reimburse sales tax for orders processed online.
  • To verify your tax exemption status please attach a picture of your tax exemption card (front and back) and Name of the student.
  • You will receive an invoice via E-Mail to pay for your order.