Afternoon Program

We would like to give you a brief insight of the way we run the afternoon program. At 1:30pm, all children who are registered for the two- to four-year olds Afternoon Program will either rest or they will join the teachers in their active rooms. Weather permitting, the children get many opportunities to play outside on the playground of the Preschool.

In the activity groups, the children can either engage in free play or take advantage of the craft projects and other creative activities that are being offered. Every day at 2:30 pm the children who are resting rise from their naps. Then, all children gather their belongings and are picked up between 2:45 pm- 3:00pm, brought to the bus by one of the teachers, or stay in the Extended Care Program until 4:45 pm. In addition to nurturing their newly developed friendships and social skills, the children have the opportunity to improve their German language skills by attending the afternoon program. Please, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Maartin, should you have any questions regarding the afternoon program of the preschool.

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