Course Descriptions

Saturday courses
Children and teens - 9:00 am to 11:30 am
Adults - 9:15 am to 11:15 am

Wednesday courses
Adults - 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Classes for 3-year-olds
Panda1, classes for 3-year-olds (all language & proficiency levels)
Panda2, classes for 3-year-olds (all language & proficiency levels)

O (Orange) - Classes are for students with no or little prior German language knowledge
Oki1, Kindergarten/Pre-school (4-year-old beginners)
Oki2, Kindergarten/Pre-school (5-year-old beginners)
O1/O2, Beginner first, and second grade
O3/O4, Beginner third, and fourth grade
O5/O6, Beginner fifth, and sixth grade
O7/O10, Beginner seventh to tenth grade (currently not offered)

R (Red) - Classes are for students with German as a second language, students must have some knowledge of German
Rki1, Kindergarten, and Pre-school (4-year olds)
Rki2, Kindergarten, and Pre-school (5-year olds)
R1, First grade
R2, Second grade
R3, Third grade 
R4, Fourth grade
R5, Fifth grade
R6, Sixth grade
R7/8, Seventh and eighth grade
R9/10, Ninth and tenth grade

B (Blue) - Classes are for students with German as a native or near-native language
Bki1, Kindergarten, and Pre-school (4-year olds)
Bki2, Kindergarten, and Pre-school (5-year olds)
B1, First grade
B2, Second grade

B3, Third grade
B4, Fourth grade
B5, Fifth grade
B6, Sixth grade 
B7, Seventh grade

Purple - Deutsches Sprachdiplom (DSD) - German Language Diploma - New students must schedule an assessment for all DSD classes at
DSD1-Prep, grades  8 - 11
DSD1, Exam course, grades  8 -11 
DSD2-Prep, grades  9 -12
DSD2, Exam course, grades  10 -12 (Fall Semester only)

Media Course - From students for students (Spring Semester only)
Students must at least be at the B1+ level (DSD1 or DSD 2) and between 14 and 19 years old. Learn about journalism, how to write a news report, and have your piece and pictures published on GLC's online magazine

G (Green) - Classes for adults on Saturdays
, Beginner, level A1.1
G1.2, Beginner, level A1.2
, Intermediate, level A2
, Intermediate, level A2/B1
, Intermediate, Level B1/B1+
, Advanced, level B2/C1
, Advanced, level C1 – conversation and more

G (Green) - Classes for adults on Wednesdays
G6, Beginner, level A1.1
G7, Beginner, level A1.2
G8, Intermediate, level A2



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