Survey Group

Evaluating current pedagogical programs and monitoring the effectiveness of actions taken are essential for school development and management of the quality of schools abroad (Auslandsschulqualitätsmanagement, AQM). However, preparing, conducting, evaluating and publishing a survey doesn’t only require expertise but also a certain degree of planning with regards to the parties involved as well as mutual respect and cooperation.

When a survey is to be conducted at the GISW, the survey group, which represents the stakeholders and the departments of the school community, should be asked to do so. The survey group is responsible for the preparation, execution, evaluation and publication of school-related surveys. Only the Steering Committee, in cooperation with the Head of School, may task the survey group with conducting a survey.

The survey group is led by Dr. Akima Hamandia-Güldenberg (


Surveys at the GISW and timeline

  1. 360-Degree Survey: The entirety of the school community – students, teachers, parents and administration – are asked to participate in 360-Degree Surveys. 360-Degree Surveys are conducted every other year.
  2. Pre-Abitur Survey: Every year we ask our eleventh-graders to participate in a survey regarding the preparation for the German International Abitur.
  3. Focus Surveys: These surveys have specific topics regarding urgent issues. They can be conducted at any time within the school community.