Parents' Council

Parent Representatives and their deputies are elected for each class/group during the first parent evening of the school year for a term that lasts the entire school year. In addition, the parent representatives of the preschool and the Elementary School select one Speaker as well as a Deputy, who coordinates between the parent representatives and their Deputies and the Principal of the preschool and Elementary School. These Speakers are the points of contact both for the parent representatives as well as for the Principals of the Elementary School and preschool.

The tasks of a parent representative can be very diverse. Foremost they are responsible for representing the parents’ interests in front of the Faculty as well as the Principals of the school. Forwarding relevant information from the Parent Council (see below), as well as calling meetings, organizing opportunities to exchange experiences amongst the parents, as well as preparing various events are further responsibilities. In the preschool and Elementary School, regular meetings of the parent representatives, in order to discuss common issues, are also part of the job.

The work of a parent representative allows you to gain insight into the structures of the school and, beyond that, to work constructively at the realization of ideas and improvements. At times the job of a parent representative and the participation in conflict resolution can be quite time consuming.

As a collective the parent representatives and their deputies comprise the Parent Council (Schulelternbeirat - SEBR), which represents the interests of all parents toward the School Board, the Head of School and the Faculty.

The Chair and Co-Chair of the Parent Council as well as the Speakers of the Preschool and the Elementary School take part in the Main Faculty Conference (Gesamtkonferenz der Lehrer) without a vote. The Parent Council is the connection between the parents and the faculty. Yet it does not have substantial authority, a change in the participatory structures is being discussed.

Please also see the important Communications Flow.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact your parent representative or the chair of the parent association at


Responsible in accordance with the press law is the Parent Council "SEBR".