Natural Sciences

A rigorous early science curriculum starts for GISW students in 4th grade; this is in addition to their regular Nature studies in the Elementary School. Students experience a “Children’s University“ at the beginning of each school year, in which the STEM/MINT teachers of the Upper School introduce their respective fields with exciting experiments.

The method of instruction for the weekly lessons is “team teaching“ presented by both an elementary school teacher and a science teacher of the Upper School and according to the scientific method, preparing students for the upper grades and a lifelong appreciation of science.

This age-appropriate learning technique focuses on research and real-world discoveries. Solving scientific questions, students quickly learn, developing hypotheses, planning experiments and exploring solutions, conducted with increasing confidence and independence. By this means the experiences, ideas and explanatory models of the world recognized by the children in everyday life will become systematized, revised and further developed in the direction of scientific, data driven conclusions, validated through hands-on activities, original encounters and knowledge acquired in stimulating environments.


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