Grades 5-12

In the Upper School, our students acquire mastery of 12 academic subjects — in the fields of natural sciences, mathematics, foreign languages, social sciences and the arts — while developing important leadership skills and critical judgment. In other words, our Upper School prepares them not just to excel in college and their professional careers, but to become engaged citizens of the world.

At the GISW, students think in German and live German culture every day. Most classes are held in German, although some are taught bilingually in German and English on a rotating basis. In sixth grade, students may choose to study French or Spanish as a third language. Latin is offered beginning in eighth grade, and a fourth modern language in tenth. By the time they graduate, many of our students are fluent in three or four languages.

Classes in biology, chemistry, and physics are taught every year from seventh through 12th grade in our modern science building. Students discover scientific principles primarily through hands-on experimentation.

College Preparation
We offer numerous Advanced Placement (AP) courses. However, we do not distinguish between basic and advanced classes  —  all classes are taught at an advanced level. Students graduate with two qualifications, the globally recognized German International Abitur (DIA) and an American high-school diploma.

Graduates of the GISW go on to attend some of the most competitive colleges and universities around the world. In recent years, these have included Ivy League institutions, such as Harvard University and Yale University, as well as renowned universities in Europe and Asia.

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Rebekka Kehlenbrink
Coordinator for Grade 5

Antje Linnenbrink
Coordinator for Grades 6-9

Caroline Klick & Michael Huber
High School Coordinators for Grades 10-12 and