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The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is responsible for the coordination of the school development at the GISW and oversees the work of project groups. The members of the committee come from all areas of the school: Student Government (SMV), Parents‘ Council (SEBR), Faculty Members, Business Office Staff, Board of Directors, Head of School. The inclusion of representatives of each area allows for an oversight of the work of the project groups from variety of different angles and a direct communication to all groups and departments.

The Steering Committee
- oversees and coordinates the process of school development and supports the different project groups that are working on developmental focal points based on their action plans
- is responsible for evaluating the measurements within the framework of school development
- informs all groups and departments (SEBR, SMV, Faculty, Board, Business Office) and communicates on the current status of the school development process

Based on suggestions from the school community and based on external requirements, the Steering Committee makes recommendations to the Head of School regarding developmental focal points that will be developed in a project group. Teachers receive extra pay for taking on the lead role in a project group that lasts for a longer time, at least 2 years.

The current developmental focal points of the GISW are:

- Strengthening the School Community
- Continuation of the Coaching and Challenging program (FuF)
- Development of instruction supported by media

These focal points are supported by the following project groups:

- Field Trips and Student Exchange Programs
- Methods of Teaching (Methodenkonzept)
- Knowledge Transfer
- Strengthening the School Identity; illustrated brochure of completed projects
- Teaching at different academic levels in one classroom (Binnendifferenzierung)
- A program of individually-oriented instructional units that focus on extra coaching to improving language skills (German and English) and on challenging our gifted students (Förderkonzept und Forderkonzept - FuF)

- Specialized subjects that are taught in German language

The Steering Committee also monitors the knowledge management and knowledge transfer in pedagogical areas of the school

Project Groups / Coordinators:
- Progam for extra coaching and/or challenging students (Förderkonzept und Forderkonzept - FuF)
- Concept for using Media in the classroom (Medienkonzept)

The focal points of development at the GISW from 2014 to 2019 were:

- Strengthening the School Identity / further development of the mission statement (Feb. 2014- June 2019)
- Differentiated instruction in the classroom (Oct. 2016 - June 2019)
- Creation of language cooaching concepts for the subjects German and English (Aug. 2015 - June 2017)
Furthermore, the professional and college counseling was accompanied by the Steering Committee.

Steering committee meetings are open to the public and visitors who sign up one week before a meeting date are welcome to join us. Please sign up with Guido Mueller at In general, the Steering Committee meets on a Tuesday or a Thursday from 3:30 to 5:00 pm. The meeting dates are posted on the school calendar.

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