We have been at the German International School for over ten years and we have two children here. We started looking at schools since our oldest child was two years old. With research, we determined that in comparison to public school and other international schools, the GISW was the best program and the best value. We had the option of sending our kids to one of the best public schools in the country, Churchill High. GISW offered something which is unique and that is that it is one of the few German Schools in the country and that alone differentiates them from the rest of the other public and private schools. I believe that the GISW not only promotes academic excellence but also concentrates on their social skills and on their ability to become happy well-rounded people.

- Minh D. (GISW parent)

The School gives a lot of support to families like us, we don’t speak German at home. They have great programs such as the Hocus and Lotus program for our kids to learn the language.

Reading is a very important part of the school. Once a month the high schoolers come to the preschool and read books to the preschoolers. This is great for both sides because the high schoolers help the little kids and the little kids learn a little bit more about the high schoolers.

- Talia S. (GISW Preschool Parent)