Internal and External Collaborations

A unique and advantageous feature of the DISW is that the preschool, elementary and upper schools are located on the same campus. Proximity and a strong sense of school identity leads to collaboration between educators and staff of the GISW – a shared platform that facilitates a seamless education, adding significant value to the STEAM/MINT program.

Similarly, joint continuous educational training for teachers as well as cooperation among departments on school projects make achieving our academic mission more efficient and effective by guaranteeing organic progress across the institution.

The special location of Washington D.C. offers an excellent basis for cooperation in the STEM/MINT area due to the large number of scientific institutions, universities and companies.

External Collaborations:

Educational Institutions Scientific Institutes Companies
Organizations German Embassy  


Internal Collaborations:

Preschool Elementary School Lecture Series
Library cafeteria Study Counseling

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