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Rolf Friedewald?

(years at the DSW: 1967 - 1970, 1975 – 1980)


1. Mr. Friedewald, what does your life look like today?

As the managing director of the Institute for Law and Finance (ILF) at the Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main with law and economic students from usually over 25 countries, my professional life is exciting, diversified and multi-cultural. My private life revolves around the love for my family, my passion for soccer, my admiration for modern art and classical music.

2. What is your best memory of your time at the DSW?

There are three memories that left a lasting impression on me and that I like to look back upon:

The outstanding fundamental education by committed teachers at the DSW and the support of the friendly administrative staff: They have “strengthened” my strengths and put my weaknesses in perspective with their thoughtful pedagogical guidance.

The very good friends as well as the many shared adventures and experiences with class mates: The result of these is that after 30 years we can still laugh about the same things and it feels like we only graduated yesterday.

Winning the Montgomery County League in 1979 during the first year of the DSW soccer team competing in official tournaments with Eimert, Carlos, Alex, Paul, André, Roger, Klaus, Andreas, Stefan, Henning, Rainer, Olver, Christian, Volker, Kai, Martin, Thilo und Holger. Our victory celebration lasted two days and led, after visiting Farrell’s, to a proper house party in the basement of my parents’ house in McLean. 

3. What life lessons did you learn at the DSW?

An extraordinary, diversified education, the notable respect for other people, the confidence for my later academic and professional life, the particular sensitivity for freedom, democracy and justice which I was privileged to experience and learn first-hand in the United States of America. 

4. What advice would you give to the new generation of DSW students?

Believe in yourself and your strengths, even though sometimes school can be a little tough. Live your dream and don’t just dream of living!



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