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Uli Hoffmann

Years at the German School: 2001 – 2006

1. Mr. Hoffmann, what does your life look like today?

After I graduated and returned to Germany, I travelled a lot and worked in different areas including a position with the city government of Stuttgart - the capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg. At some point, I decided to settle and started studying. Having completed my studies in Augsburg, I now work in the area of child and youth services and live in my old hometown.

2. What is your best memory of your time at DSW?

I do not have a best memory but a number of memories including the friendships I made, the opportunities to participate actively, and the things we tried to hide from teachers. I do not know which of these is the best.

3. What life lessons did you learn at DSW?

A lot of experiences. Not only in terms of education but also in the private domain. You learn a lot in school – Pythagoras' theorem, the American Revolution etc. But the most important and best thing are the friends you make along the way. Also, DSW and the Washington D.C. area in general are very open and everything and everyone is accepted the way they are.

4.What advice would you give to the new generation of DSW students?

Every experience you make – good or bad – is priceless. DSW offers a unique environment to broaden your horizon and gain experiences. These will be worth more than any grade on a paper because they give you the opportunity to grow beyond what you thought is possible. 


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