Business Award

Haven't you all dreamed of being your own boss some day? To market your own invention?

Surely you have many talents – whether it’s functions or fashion, facebook or physics, social commitment or singing. Turn them into business ideas!

Here is your opportunity: In 10th grade, as part of the project „Students start Businesses“ you will start a fictitious business and develop a business plan which includes the following:

- Product description
- Marketing/Distribution
- Financing
- Profit and loss account.

Part of your marketing concept will also be your self-designed website. You will work in groups and you will have access to mentors from the economy sector, who are entrepreneurs themselves and who will support you with their expertise. Professional project managers support you in the planning and execution of your projects.

You will present your business plan to a panel of judges consisting of trade and industry experts, put together by the German Executive Roundtable (GER). The panel of judges will evaluate the economic soundness of the concept and the professional quality of the presentation.
In addition to the experience as entrepreneurs you will have a chance to win a cash reward. The teams who place among the first three will receive a total of $2,000 from the GER.

Panel of judges, principal, board and parents are looking forward to this end-of-school year event and are excited to learn about your inventiveness, your dedication and to witness the quality of your presentations.


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