FRIENDS of the German International School Washington D.C.

The FRIENDS was founded in 1969 and is the oldest volunteer and fundraising group at the German International School, supporting students and their families, faculty and staff by funding countless projects over the past 50 years.

Year after year the FRIENDS organize fun, motivated teams of dedicated volunteers who fundraise to finance students programs and activities (K trough 12th Grade) that cannot be funded from the GISW budget.

The FRIENDS also bring traditional German culture and customs to the GISW and local community through a variety of annual, seasonal and weekly events for the GISW Community:

  • The annual Traditional German Christmas Market in December at the GISW (up to 3000 visitors from the school and DC area community), featuring local and regional vendors and authentic German cuisine
  • The weekly Arts&Crafts Group, Tuesdays from September to June, between 8:15am and 1:15pm
  • The yearly Ballroom Dance Class for 9th -12th Grade, from October to March
  • The seasonal Handmade Advent Wreath Workshops in November
  • The annual Formal Winter Ball in March (Up to 150 attendees from the GISW Community)
  • We work closely with the Head of School, principals, staff, students and teachers in order to find the best ways to support their needs.
  • We actively participate in Welcome Night, Parents Night and Membership Meetings and promote the GISW at every opportunity.
  • We participate in the Annual Giving Campaign, which last year resulted in a record amount (of $50.000) raised for the GISW’s Playground improvement project!
  • We actively recruit new and recurring Members each year through our annual membership fee of $30. Many families and staff at the GISW are FRIENDS Members, which entitles you to have a voice in our membership meetings and vote in electing the FRIENDS board. Please note that Membership in the FRIENDS is different from the German School Society Membership - FRIENDS membership dues are just $30 per year, which go to support our projects for students, and counts as a charitable donation for tax purposes.


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LAST BUT NOT LEAST, the FRIENDS embody the spirit of the School’s Mission Statement!

INDEPENDENT The Friends is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization independent from the GISW, registered in the State of Maryland, adhering to State law and regular audit controls.

BILINGUALThe FRIENDS welcome all languages!  All members of the current Board are fluent in both German and English, enabling us to communicate with the GISW community.

WELTOFFEN The FRIENDS welcome all cultures, languages, nationalities and ethnicities. We learn from each other and enjoy our similarities and differences while working together for the good of the GISW.

Thank you so much for your support!


FRIENDS Board of Directors


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