German language skills are not always necessary for admission

Parents are often surprised to learn that a high percentage of students at German Schools in North America do not actually speak German at home. So, why would a family who has no connection to Germany, through language, location, or ancestry, introduce their child to the German language and choose the German approach to education?

  • Multilingual children gain distinct advantages for their future
  • Emphasis on independence and development of critical thinking skills
  • An environment where each child can learn and grow at their own pace
  • Shift away from rote memorization and multiple-choice assessments


German language skills NOT required for preschool admission.

Students in lower grades of Elementary School may also gain admission with no German language proficiency depending on a number of other factors - please complete this QUICK FORM and our Admissions Coordinator will be in touch with you shortly. We will be happy to arrange a time for a German language assessment between your child and the respective teacher.