Model United Nations

Introduction to the Model United Nations

- The Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations.
- Students assume the roles of “ambassadors” to the United Nations.
- They debate current issues on the UN’s agenda.
- Through diplomacy and negotiation, delegates seek ways for the world community to deal with complex global concerns such as conflicts, disarmament, human rights, refugees, AIDS, the environment, and economic development.
- The goal is to build and reach a consensus in resolving global problems.

Three Components of Model UN Activities

1. Preparation
- the United Nations system and its work
- the profile of the country represented
- the issues or subjects on the agenda
- the position of the assigned country on the issues

2. Participation
- Apply the information by participating in a Model United Nations conference.
- Represent the assigned country and work together with representatives of other countries to develop a resolution by making speeches, negotiating in formal and informal meetings, following rules of procedure, and reaching a consensus.

3. Evaluation
- of the country’s accomplishments
- of the simulation’s accuracy
- of the personal experience
(A. Meuschke)

Reports and Photos

> NAIMUN LVII - 2020: Committee and Topic Assignments; Report and PIctures