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The 5th Issue of the GISW Gazette ist coming- plus a Christmas Special!

What Ms. Cropsey thinks about Gen Z Slang, what The Art of Denglish is all about and how a partnership with a school in Kenya is developing...

Every issue of the school newspaper presents a challenge: we need a suitable teacher for our infamous teacher interview. But not just anyone. A real someone, someone everyone wants to know about.
This time that means: get ready for an interview with Ms. Cropsey. In the interview, she answers critical questions, talks about her time in Romania and what she likes about the theater.

Our new issue will be published at the Friends Christmas Market on December 2, 2023, but that's not all. We are also working on a Christmas Special, which will be published on December 14, 2023, the day of the Christmas concert. Make a note of these dates and pre-order both issues NOW. The 2-pack is available for $ 5, the individual issues for $ 3 (5th issue), or $ 2 (Christmas Special only).


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All profits from this issue will go towards supporting a high school in Naivasha, Kenya. Further information can be found in the article "How we become WELTOFFEN - an exchange project with Kenya".

Here you can find a detailed overview of everything you can expect in the upcoming issues:

Contents 5th Issue

“As I get older, you continue to keep me young” – Interview with Ms. Cropsey (auf Englisch)

What does Ms. Cropsey think of Gen Z slang, how did her love of theater begin and what came first - the egg or the chicken? Ms. Cropsey gives us a special insight into her life and talks about her favorite way to torture students!

The Kunst of Denglish (auf Englisch)

English and Deutsch sind beide in the top zwanzig most gesprochenen languages. However, the Kunst of Denglish is etwas, wenige have mastered. Denglish hat eine Geschichte spanning over a thousand years. An unserer Schule, we explore die Bedeutung und Benutzung von Denglish.

How we become WELTOFFEN – an exchange project with Kenya (auf Englisch)

We are not alone in this world. Report on a newly launched project with a high school in Kenya...

A cut thread - Part II (Short story) (In German)

After the theft of a microfilm in London, James Alderton flies to Paris to prevent a military catastrophe for Cold War Britain. On his quest, the puppet master Alderton fears one thing - that this thread will slip out of his hand.

2100 – Part Two (A Short Story) (Auf Englisch)

After going into cryostasis for 10 years, John wakes up inside a massive spaceship. The crew promises to get as many people off the planet as possible and to bring them to a new, habitable planet. But can they reach this goal? And what if there’s a traitor in their midst?


Contents Christmas Special

An exclusive interview with Adolfo about "Feliz Navidad", exciting Christmas stories and the question of the most terrible Christmas present...


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