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60th Anniversary Legacy Campaign

Leaving a legacy of well-being for our children

Our 60th Legacy Campaign Objective is to create spaces within our school where members of our community can experience physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


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Enriching our school’s curricular and extra-curricular offerings in music, art, and theater. Encouraging creativity and self-expression through the arts. Fostering self-confidence through exploration of new interests and opportunities to develop and share talents.

  • ART – Permanent and mobile display panels for student artwork; colored printer for art department ($4,000)
  • MUSIC – Upgraded stage equipment and performance space ($15,000) (new stage curtains, replacement of wooden addition to stage, safe risers, music and gowns for performances)
  • THEATER – Costumes, props and sets for student theater performances ($3,000)
  • DANCE – Year-round Zumba/dance and movement classes for the KiGa ($6,000)
  • Replace broken wall/curtain between aula & auditorium ($40-60,000)


Enabling the return of native plant and wildlife species to our campus through targeted projects that enhance our green space. Creating opportunities to connect with nature and engage in environmentally focused community service. Learning to become responsible stewards of the natural environment while advancing STEM/MINT curriculum.

  • Reforestation of school’s conservation area in partnership with Montgomery County Planning Commission
  • Pollinator garden expansion ($1,100)
  • Children’s vegetable and herb garden
  • School composting program
  • Tools and shed for children’s garden
  • Small nature element for KiGa playground for 2-year Olds ($8,000)


Raising awareness to the importance of physical fitness and an active lifestyle. Exposing students to healthy competition by expanding the school’s extra-curricular programming in sports. Fostering school spirit and pride through participation and support of team sports.

  • Sports fitness equipment ($11,300)
  • Scoreboard for upper athletic field ($15,000)
  • Sunshade canopy for the KiGa playground equipment
  • Vehicle to take students to/from athletic events


Contributions to the General 60th Legacy Fund will be allocated by the school as needed to support development in the artistic space, athletic space, or green space.

The 60th Anniversary Legacy Campaign is a 13-month fundraising effort to raise money in support of school development.  Our aim is to fund specific projects, programming, and investment in infrastructure that will enhance the artistic, athletic, and green spaces of our school and thereby enable all members of our community to experience well-being.

Contributions accepted via online credit card payment, cash, or check made out to "German School Society"

Campaign Progress


Campaign Progress Bar: Reflects only contributions from the GISW community (eligible for matching)

Bar Graph: Reflects the allocation of all contributions from the GISW community (eligible for matching) and from external contributions (not eligible for matching).



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